The Hawaii Island Energy Cooperative, a Hawaii-registered 421C non-profit cooperative association, was formed by community and business leaders on the island to explore and promote a comprehensive approach to develop an integrated, renewable and sustainable energy strategy for the Big Island of Hawaii.

The potential merits of a community-based, cooperative ownership structure for electric utility service on the island include:
  • Local, democratic control over the island’s energy infrastructure, providing greater benefits and retaining any excess over the cost of operations for island residents.
  • Community-based and community-chosen strategic priorities under which the cooperative operates for the sustainable development of the island.
  • Potentially lower electric costs through tax exempt status, lower cost of capital and no shareholder profits, greater efforts to develop less expensive island-based power sources, promotion of education, markedly improved energy efficiency, and the accelerated adoption of appropriate advanced technologies.
  • Greater overall energy independence, higher renewable energy generation, and enhanced sustainability through a comprehensive and integrated approach to all energy-consuming sectors on the island.
  • Developing and emphasizing island-produced fuels to provide an energy source for both electric generation and transportation sectors.

HIEC Directors
  • Richard Ha, President
  • Gerald DeMello, Vice President
  • Wally Ishibashi, Vice President
  • Marco Mangelsdorf, Secretary and Spokesperson
  • Michelle Galimba
  • Noe Kalipi
HIEC Advisory Board
  • Greg Chun
  • Donna Johnson
  • Paul Ponthieux
  • Russell Ruderman
  • Eric Weinert

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