Right now, HIEC needs your support. Before we can ask large investors for additional funding, we need to raise $50,000 to prove that the community is on-board with a coop for Big Island. The money will be used for planning and public outreach. (Actual purchase of the utility would be made with traditional financing sources.)
Donate today and we’ll send you an "Own the Power" t-shirt and other cool HIEC swag.

We hope to become a thriving energy cooperative on our island, and becoming operational will require the support and efforts of many. Even if it’s just to sign up to receive a e-newsletter so that you can keep up with what we’re doing and the progress that we’re making, or if you wish to volunteer to help, please consider using our Contact form. If you’re interested in hosting a community gathering so that one of HIEC’s representatives can come and speak, please let us know. If you have some time to donate and skills to offer, please let us know. Imua!